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Multi-Domain Web Site Hosting Service.
Hosts Multiple Websites in One Web Hosting Account

Multiple domain hosting services are offered here. You may get  multi-domain web hosting with multi-sub-domain support at extremely competitive prices to host your multiple websites in one web hosting account. What's the result? Yes, you're right... you're going to save lots of money in web hosting fees!

Please note: each domain and sub-domain receives all the features of the main domain, like email, control panel, FTP, etc.., and so can be used to run an individual website. For instance, our re-seller Hosting plans comes with multiple domain configurations and unlimited sub-domains (, and it simply means you're able to run 1 to 2 hundred domain-based websites as well as many sub-domain websites with only one hosting account.

With the power of Cpanel control panel, you'll be able to add or change domains, sub-domains, domain alias, domain redirect, email accounts, email alias, email forwarder, email lists, autoresponders, and many other functions to your hosting account easily and conveniently by yourself 24/7without our aid.

Multiple domain hosting is a no charge feature included with
Silver & Gold hosting plans. This extremely useful addition to your account allows you to:

Transparently host multiple domains within one account, sharing the disk space, transfer, and other resources between your sites. Visitors to these "addon" sites see absolutely no difference.
Create full POP3 email accounts for your addon sites as well as the primary site.
Consolidate your sites in one account for ease of management.
Reduce the costs associated with hosting multiple domains. Try new ideas with no extra overhead.
Each plan has a different number of domains that can be hosted in it.
Please see the hosting plans page for further details

Addon Domains work very much like domain pointers, except you setup the new domain names to point to a "sub-directory" of your hosting account.

For example: Let's say you have your hosting account set up as, but you also own the domain name With the Addon Domain feature you can setup to "point" to a sub-directory like You can then build a new website in that sub-directory, and anyone who types www.newsite into their browser would be forwarded to the website you created in

To add a domain to your web site:

Click on the Addon Domains button on the main control panel .
Enter the domain name in the New Addon Domain field.
Add the directory that the addon domain points to in the Username/directory name field.
Enter the password for the domain in the Password field, if required.
Click on the Add button.


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